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As a rescue group, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the unending plight of the lost, abused, and forgotten. There are so many people & and organizations working behind the scenes to help these animals ... it's never one group alone that saves these lives.

Because of this, we try to work with as many rescue groups as we can to help save as many lives as possible. At some point, we all need a little help. And it's in that give and take that the true magic of rescue happens. 

Friends of Fido, Inc. is committed to assisting the rescue of dogs from Mahoning County Dog Pound, Youngstown, OH. We accomplish this by fundraising, the public education of responsible pet ownership, and promoting spay/neuter programs. We utilize funds to supply necessary medical care, veterinary, and other expenses to give dogs a well-deserved second chance at life.


We financially assist local animal rescues who are willing to pull dogs from the Pound and ultimately find a forever home for them. Our primary goals are twofold- to eliminate the need to euthanize homeless dogs, and to develop a network of supporters and volunteers to endorse our mission and support/achieve our goals.


Friends of Fido wants nothing but the best for the Mahoning County Dog Pound dogs. In addition to paying for veterinary care for the dogs, we have also paid for heartworm treatment for dogs from the pound who have been adopted.  If you adopt a dog who is heartworm positive we will pay for the treatment if you go to a veterinarian of our choice. If you choose to go to a different veterinarian we will help with the cost of the treatment.

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