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Friends of Fido works to make sure every dog has a chance at a life of love and compassion. Some dogs have never felt a loving hand, or been acclimated to a life of people who care. In those cases, that means that training is needed to ensure the best future for the adoptable dogs at the Mahoning County Pound.

We believe in purely positive training techniques, because teaching your dog to understand shouldn't involve pain and fear.

Our certified go-to trainers use only aversion-free training methods to help our pups become confident and trusting of the new life ahead of them.


Specialize in working with behavior issues such as fear, aggression, and anxiety. No dog is ever turned away because of their breed or behavior issues. We pride ourselves on helping our students every step of the way on their training journey.  Whether you are looking for obedience training, manners training, or struggling with a more serious issue like aggression, we can help. Through Group ClassesPrivate Training or our Drop Off and Train service, we have something that fits your needs. 


DOGSMARTZ UNLEASHED is a proud supporter of local rescues. Please check out our Paw It Forward program to learn more about improving the lives of shelter dogs. For those involved in rescue work, we have free workshops and training through our Rescue Rehab


The Canine Campus is a place that all dogs are welcome. We strongly believe that reactive, fearful, aggressive and mainstream dogs can all exist in the same space with the right education. Many people with reactive and aggressive dogs are made to feel that they are horrible owners by society, and they are driven into an isolated life that keeps their dog stuck in an unhappy place. Many people believe that they somehow did something to contribute to their dogs behavior, and this is a common myth that we will debunk. There are truly special needs dogs that deserve as much love and understanding as any mainstream dog. We pride ourselves in being the best in the area to help people with extreme behavior issues.  Understanding of behaviors can help in solving the issues that people have.


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