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There is simply nothing more rewarding than watching the amazing movement of a wagging, ecstatic tail when it realizes it's going to be able to get out of it's cage for a bit. Truly.

The pups end up spending far too much time in their kennels as it is, and while we work hard to make their stay as comfy as possible NOTHING beats a nice walk in the sun.

Join us on Facebook to learn how you can get some steps in while frolicking with your favorite pound pup!

You're guaranteed to make a bond that will last a lifetime!


We need dedicated walkers to come and romp with the lonely pups of the pound. Multiple shifts and times available and we can never have too many! 


Giving these pups a taste of freedom... breaking up the monotony of the time behind bars while they wait for a forever home... is an integral part in keeping them adoptable. Cage frenzy is a very sad, very real occurence and regular excercise and stimulation help keep it at bay.

Please consider giving a little bit of your time and change the world for a pound pup... 


everyone can do something

Contact us for more info of walking times and other volunteer needs we're looking to fill!